HPE Technology Now


Tech Now is a global newsletter published by HPE. I’ve written numerous articles on diverse subjects.
I’ve discussed the merits of Bitcoin, looked at the promise of self-driving cars, and provided 10 Windows tips for power users.
Here's a small selection of my more recent articles.

5G is just over the horizon

By 2025, the mobile infrastructure of many countries will support 5G, the latest standard for wireless networks. Carriers are already advertising 5G benefits and promising roll outs of the technology later this year. What does this mean for individual users and businesses and how can you separate 5G facts from the marketing hype?

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Four hot tech trends for 2018

Technological development continues its relentless march in 2018, with new exciting technology finding its way out of the lab and into the mainstream increasingly quickly. Yesterday’s prototype is on store shelves in record time and the speculative often becomes the mundane in a matter of months. Read on to explore some of the technology trends that will have an effect on us in the coming year.

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Is your business ready for machine learning?

The term "machine learning" seems to be everywhere these days. It's being touted as the next big thing for everything from navigation apps to self-driving cars. How can you tell what is marketing speak and what is the real deal when it comes to machine learning? The first thing you need to know is what machine learning actually is.

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