The technical married with conceptual creates the exceptional.

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Tai Steyn

I finished my advertising education in Cape Town and worked in the South African ad industry for TBWA. After coming to Munich, I rose through the ranks at Iris Germany to become associate creative director. After seven years, it's time for something different.

My extensive experience with technical products and services means no client is too complex and no product is unsalable. I've coordinated and contributed to 360° marketing campaigns ranging and B2B demand-gen for specialized industrial equipment, consumer electronics, and more. 

Creativity in technical fields demands an emphasis on craft and attention to detail. When communicating to experts and specialists, you need a deep understanding of the product, the industry and the psychology of your audience. My creative approach takes all of these factors into consideration.

My voice work is another outlet for creativity tempered by craft. If you are looking for a trustworthy, authoritative voice for product demos, dramatic readings and character acting, there's not better choice.




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